Sic Parvis Magna.

Everyone begins somewhere, in relationships, in fandom, and with cosplay… so I thought it’d be fun to make a post of the first time Del and I cosplayed Uncharted together… along with a little personal tale to go with it, since it’s Uncharted 2’s five year anniversary today!
The left is a photo from when Del and I picked up Uncharted 2 at the midnight release, and the right is a recent photo from a photoshoot this year.
I’ll always have fond memories of playing Uncharted and sharing the series with Del. As many of you know, Del has been my best friend for years now. But of course, we’ve only been dating for the last couple of years.
Back in 2009, there really wasn’t an Uncharted fandom yet… as Drake’s Fortune wasn’t a popular game and not many people had a PS3. So, Del was the one who I confided in with all of my hardcore fangirling. She always listened intently and took genuine interest in my ramblings, which of course was very much appreciated. 
When I heard that a second game was being made, I freaked out and reserved it as soon as possible. October neared after many anxious months spent in anticipation for the game, and I longed to pick it up at the midnight release. My ex wasn’t feeling it, but Del offered to come over (she lived nearly an hour away) and not only go to Gamestop with me, but she also wanted to stay up as we marathon’d the game all night! And she let me make her a totally last-minute Chloe cosplay for the event!
I already had my UDF Elena outfit from the previous summer, when I wore it to a convention for the first time. But before U2’s release, in true Naughty Dog fashion, there were only a couple of photos available of Chloe’s entire outfit. There was some concept art, and the images from the trailer… and that was about it! I frantically found bits and pieces a couple of days before the game came out. At the time, I was really pleased with the result for having very little time and reference! Of course, years later… it’s pretty entertaining to see the evolution of our Elena and Chloe cosplays :)
The Gamestop turnout was pretty low, but we had a ridiculous amount of fun cosplaying, taking photos, and playing the game together! Not to mention, Del took the controller from me whenever I got too excitable or frustrated…and got through some tough parts with admirable calmness. 
We stayed up the entire night… only taking a small nap in the morning, and we ended up beating Uncharted 2 within 24 hours of its release. Victory!
It will forever be a treasured memory to have enjoyed Uncharted 2 with my best friend… and now, years later… the woman who I fell in love with. ♥
As always, looking forward to more Uncharted cosplay goodness in our future.